Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 3

We all woke up a little late. We had our morning devotional and then had omelets in a bag for breakfast.
I had never tried that before and I was a little hesitant but they were actually really yummy!!

Then it was time for our craft projects.
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There were two projects, camp journals and wood letter blocks. Some girls got started painting their blocks and others were anxious to get started on the journals. There was a variety of cute scrapbook paper to choose from to cover a plain notebook and make it a really unique journal. I made one and was really happy with how it turned out. The wood blocks were painted whatever color the girls wanted and then they put vinyl letters on each block to spell out B.U.G.S and then there was a block for a "bug" of their choice. The girls had so much fun with their projects and they all turned out so cute and different. There was a lot of creativity!!

After the crafts it was time for our "HIKE."
We had originally planned a 5 mile hike around Tony Grove lake. It involved more driving and so we adjusted our plans and decided to "hike" to town to get our milkshakes. We checked the distance from the cabin to LaBeau's and it was just under 5 miles. There is a paved bike trail the whole way and so it was safe and easy.
We stopped for a photo shoot at the light house and then went on with our hike. It was pretty hot and it took us about 2 hours to get there.
We just walked and talked and walked and talked. I got to talk with some girls that I never get to talk to and got to know them better. We were all happy when we saw the town and knew we were close!
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We each ordered whatever milkshake flavor we wanted and ate them out at the picinic tables. I got Reese's Peanut Butter Cup because that is my favorite kind of shake. We ate up our shakes and then we had some time to go back to the beach for awhile.
Some of the girls opted to go back to the cabin and start getting dinner ready. Our Bishopric was coming for dinner (they just got called 2 weeks ago and we all thought it was awesome they were coming).
We only ended up staying at the lake for about an hour. It was really windy again and pretty chilly.

We got back and put together our tin-foil dinners. While they were cooking we finished the last 4 standards talks. The Bishopric slpit up and each one went with a group to listen. They were all really well done and again the girls really enjoyed them.
Our dinners took quite a while to cook but they were yummy!! The picture looks yucky but it was really good.
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After dinner we got started on making our homemade ice cream to put on the peach cobbler. I loved this at camp last year and was glad we were doing it again. You will notice that I am wearing my glasses in the picture above. It wasn't by choice, I lost a contact down the sink on day 2 and had to wear my glasses the rest of the time. I HATE my glasses and it was pretty miserable!
The cobbler and ice cream were delicious. We were ready to start testimony meeting.
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We were all able to fit around the camp fire and we had a really beautiful testimony meeting. I think we have such a great group of young women, they are each so different but all so special. I really love them and all the leaders too. I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of this.

We all headed to bed after the testimony meeting. It was a LONG DAY and packed with lots of fun activities. I am sort of sad to have to pack up tomorrow and go home.

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