Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today was the 1st grade field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. I really wanted to go but I had to take yesterday off and had to go to work. My sweet friend Cora texted me these photos.
Max said he had a great time at the pumpkin patch.
He even got to bring one home and he said he picked a cute tiny one for Maizee. That was really sweet of him!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Utah Marathon (Half Marathon)

Rich and I got up at 6:20am and quietly got ready. It was nice that we were able to just walk a couple blocks to the START line. It was chilly but not too cold and I was anxious to get going!! The course for this race is very different from any half I've done before. It has LOTS of uphill!! Rich wanted to take it easy so he decided to run with me! I always do better when I run with him! It was a beautiful course, we started at the Salt Lake library and ran UP almost to Hogle Zoo, ran through the U of U campus and past Primary Children's Hospital. Then we got to go downhill (which was hard on my knees) and through City Creek Canyon...SO BEAUTIFUL!!  We rounded out in front of the State Capital building and back downtown.
We finished in 2 hr 34 min (my Denver half was 2:35 with a flat course) I was very happy with our time! We got our medals and some water and went to find the kids and Monica. Monica drove to SL this morning to run the 5k with the kids. Alexa didn't set her alarm so they were a little late but the race is chip timed and they had Maizee in the stroller anyway so it was fine they were in the back. It was a "crazy legs" 5k so they all wore tall socks!!
Alexa was nice enough to take some photos for me!! They jogged and walked but sounds like they mostly walked!  They finished in 56 minutes.  I think they all had a good time, Maizee was a good girl and enjoyed the ride!!
Half Marathon Finishers!! YAY
The whole group!! What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!!

We walked back to Little America and requested a late checkout so we could go sit in the hot tub.  IT WAS HOT!!  Super hot!!
Max had a blast in the swimming pool, The hot tub was too hot for Maizee so we got in the pool for a bit.  Alexa was exhausted, and Monica and Alex sat on the edge of the hot tub!
We got all cleaned up and checked out and took TRAX to The Gateway for some window shopping and lunch! Then we walked around City Creek again for a bit.  We had a nice day together!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Max Lost his TOOTH

Max's bottom tooth has been really loose for about a week. It was just barely hanging on and I decided it was time for it to come out!! I asked Max if I could try to pull it. We went into the bathroom and I pulled a few times, then I pulled really hard and out it came...along with a LOT of blood!!!
He had to swish water in his mouth for like 5 minutes before it stopped bleeding.
He is one happy boy!! We put the tooth in a plastic wrapper thing and put it under his pillow. He wasn't sure if the tooth fairy would find him because we were at a hotel, I told him that she probably would! (She did find him and all she had was a five dollar bill!! I made sure to tell him that the first tooth is the most special, that's why he got so much for it!!)

Little America

It's fall break so the kids had no school yesterday and today. I went to work for a few hours and then we packed up the car and picked up Rich from work. We headed to Little America to check in. We got a garden room because the tower was sold out but it was still nice. We walked over to the Expo to pick up our race packets and then we headed to the Olive Garden to "carb load," just kidding, that is just where everyone wanted to go.
Maizee colored for her first time and she thought she was pretty hot stuff. It was cute to watch her experience it for the first time. Dinner was great and we all got stuffed!! We headed to City Creek to walk around and do a little shopping at H&M. It started raining so that kind of put a damper on things. We headed to The Gateway to see a movie.
We saw "Frankenweenie" but they only had it in 3D, so $45 dollars later we were sitting down waiting to see the show. WOW can I just say that I really HATE 3D movies. My glasses were blurry or something and it bugged the whole movie. The movie was good but we were all pretty tired so we headed back to the room to get tucked in!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Bumb Cheeks

I got Maizee out of the shower and we went into her room to get her dressed. I forgot the lotion so I ran to my bathroom to get it and as I was heading back to her room this is what I saw in the hallway!!
Naked baby on the loose!! It was so funny to watch her waddling around, she is such a little CHUB!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kimbra Concert

The "big" kids and I fell in love with this singer named Kimbra. I noticed a few weeks ago that she was coming to Salt Lake and I knew I needed to go. We waited for Rich to get home from work and then we were off. We got some McDonald's for dinner and ate on the road.
The concert was at The Depot, it was a great venue. We were able to find some chairs along the wall so we didn't have to stand the whole night. The opening band was not that great and we were getting a little anxious. When Kimbra finally came out it was amazing. She is crazy and awesome and unique. She has an amazing voice and sounded fantastic live. We all really enjoyed the show alot!!! We stopped at the gas station for hot chocolate and then headed home.


I called Rich on our way home from Salt Lake and he said he and Max and Maizee were at the Morley's house waiting for the Ivie's to come home. (Rick Ivie, in our ward, lost his brother last week. He was a border patrol agent in Arizona and was shot and killed. His body was brought to Utah and we decided as a ward to line the streets with flags in support of the family.
Alexa and I walked over when we got home (Alex was too tired). We grabbed a flag and lined up. Maizee fell asleep and Alexa was about to so they walked home and went to bed. It was about 12:45am when they finally arrived with a police escort. I feel so blessed to live in a ward that is so loving and supportive. I know that if I am ever in need of anything I am in good hands. I am so appreciative of all the wonderful people I am surrounded by! (Max didn't make it either, he curled up on the chair and fell fast asleep).