Monday, July 6, 2009

Childhood Memories...

I can't remember how old I was when my parents got the "playhouse" but it was the place to be when we were younger. We spent alot of time playing and sleeping in there. For the past several years it has been locked up and no one has been allowed inside (I believe my mom hid Christmas presents etc. in there).
To my surprise when we got to my parents house today it was all cleaned out and all decked out for the kids to play in and make some memories of their own!!
Owen and Max and Brinlie were having a GREAT time. There are little kitchens and other toys out there and also cushion chairs to sit on. I am so glad that my kids will be able to make some great memories in the playhouse!!!

The best part about the playhouse for me was sleeping out there. It was better than sleeping on the trampoline because you were in a house and the bugs didn't get you. I spent alot of summer nights in the playhouse!
All of the older kids decided to sleep in it. They were kind of scared. I went out to check on them and they had my dad's huge high power flashlight and they were too afraid to turn it off because it would be too dark. Crazy!!! I told them to turn it off and tell stories. Brooklyn started out wanting to sleep out there but she changed her mind and came in the house. Alexa, Alex, Kenzie and Jake all made it through the night!!!

I asked Rich to sleep out there with me but he wouldn't...I have made it my goal to get him to sleep out there with me before the summer is over, I will keep you posted!!

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Melissa said...

I love those pictures! The playhouse was the best!