Tuesday, July 14, 2009

State Baseball Tournament

Alex's team made it to the State Tournament. They played in Provo at a pretty nice field. They had their first game at 2:00pm and then they played again at 6:00pm.
Here is my all star in the dug-out waiting for the game to start.
Practicing his swing. They had these cool baseball's spray painted on the grass.
Up to bat. He struck out both times he was up to bat but at least he went down swinging!!!
The best part about this ball field was the cool mist spraying around the building. Max thought it was the greatest and spent most the game running in and out of it!
Me, Alexa and Max came to watch and cheer on Alex and his team. They lost the game and it was pretty dang hot.

We had to take Alexa home so she could go to Young Women's. We had just enough time to drop her off and then had to turn around and head back to Provo.

Game 2
The game started at 6pm and I was sure I was going to roast but it was actually really pleasant. We picked up Wendy's for dinner and ate it at the ball park. Max found the play ground so he was entertained. Alex finally got a walk and was able to make it home and score a point. In the 4th inning the score was 16 to 0 and we were the 0. We were home team so we got to bat last. They scored 10 runs on 2 outs!!! It was a great comeback and even though it wasn't enough to win the game it made it really fun to watch and gave the boys some great experience!!!

He plays one more game tomorrow at 1pm and then who knows from there!!

They lost the game but they played well and coach was proud of them. That is it for baseball season 2009!!! WOO HOO!!!

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Melissa said...

Good job Alex! Those baseballs painted on the field are so cute.