Thursday, July 23, 2009

Orem Owlz

Since we have Jake and Kenzie here for the week we are trying to do fun things. Monica and Amb met us at the Owlz game, the first one of the season for us. It was a great night for baseball.

Hootz is Max's favorite part of the game. He is always looking around to see where he is. Hootz was kind of a show-off tonight and Max loved it!! The game itself wasn't the best...not much action and the Owlz lost but a good time anyway.

We made our traditional stop at Krispy Kreme after the game. Mel and her kids got to our house pretty late but we are so glad they came for a sleepover!!

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Melissa said...

That picture of you, Amberly, and Monica is so cute! I love how close Amb is to you!