Monday, February 28, 2011

Happiest Couples Contest

Back in November as I was reading the latest issue of the Utah Valley Magazine, I came across a contest and thought I should enter it. The prize was gift certificates to local eating establishments and that sounded like a great prize to me. All you had to do was submit an email including a picture of why you are a "happy couple." Easy enough.
Here is what I submitted:

November 8, 2010
Dear Utah Valley Magazine,

My husband Rich and I have been married for 6 years. We both enjoy running and find that it is a great way to spend time together. We run about 15 races a year together and even though we don't run together (he is much faster than me) he is always there waiting for me at the finish line!! I know that having this common interest and spending alot of time together makes our marriage better and our friendship stronger. We have 3 kids (15, 10 and 4) and when we do races out of town (Logan Marathon, Pocatello Marathon, races in St. George etc.) we take them with us and make it a little vacation. The kids aren't interested in running the races but always have a great time in the hotels!!

We ran in the Dirty Dash and that was the funnest race we have participated in. It would make for a great article in your magazine. I attached our finish line photo to this email so you can see for yourself how much fun you can have playing in the mud!

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are very much in love and try everyday to make our marriage better. I think it is awesome that you focus on the positive and not the negative!!!

Angela Cope

I got a call around the end of January from Kate at Utah Valley Magazine. She said that we won the contest and that she wanted us to come in for a short interview and a photo shoot. I had no idea that we would actually appear in the magazine (let alone a full page photo). I was pretty nervous about the photo shoot but I think it went pretty well. After we took pictures we sat down for the interview, she asked us questions about how we met, what we like about each other, advice on how we stay happy etc.
It was fun talking with her and hearing the things Rich said about me and our relationship just made me fall in love with him all over again. We received gift certificates to Bajio and we both LOVE it so that was great! Now we just have to wait for the issue to come out!!

Well today was the day. I got a text from my friend Stacy (who works for the magazine) saying she left me some magazines on the front porch. I was kind of nervous to look at it! Here is the magazine:
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Here is what the article said:

Rich and Angela Cope
Hometown Spanish Fork
Married 7 years

Boy Meets Girl
Angela was divorced, raising two children and working when she noticed Rich on She sent him a message, and he decided to take her out after some encouragement from his sisters. Rich was a single 29-year-old homeowner, and his family joked he would never get married. But after falling in love with Angela, Rich became a husband and a dad within a matter of months. The Copes now have three children and one on the way.

Sage Advice
It's all about the date night for Rich and Angela. With similar adventurous interests, the couple has something fun to do each week from Jazz games to travel. "You have to continue to date after you're married," Rich says. "I think people forget that it's possible to fall out of love, and you really have to make an effort to stay connected to your spouse."

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue and Gold Banquet

We all went to the Stake Center for the annual Blue and Gold banquet. We had taco salad for dinner and everyone brought a cake. It was supposed to be a "theme" cake but I had no ideas and neither did Alex so I just made a white funfetti cake.

Each boy got an award for their cake and Alex won "flattest cake." very creative judging!!! Alex couldn't decide which cake to try so he got a piece of ALL of them (not really but seriously Alex)!!
He got loaded up on awards tonight, we have missed the last few pack nights due to the Holiday's and being out of town. He still has alot of work to do before his birthday!! He and Rich need to get moving so he will be able to advance out of Cub Scouts in May!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a...


Rich is ECSTATIC!!! I will get used to the idea and I am sure she will be a wonderful bundle of joy!! Let's just hope she is like Alexa and not like me!!
Me, Rich and Max went back to Dr. Andrew to see if he could tell us what we are having. Max told me he really wanted to see the baby inside my belly so I thought he would be really excited. He was playing my iPod touch while we were waiting and he was glued. I kept telling him to come an look at the baby but he wasn't that interested, I guess I can't blame him he probably had NO IDEA what he was actually looking at!!

The pictures aren't the best but he did get a good view "down there" and there was nothing to be seen so we are pretty sure it is a girl, plus we all KNEW it was going to be anyway!!!

When we got home Max said, "So mom, are there two babies in your belly then?" I was confused with the question so I asked him why he thought that. He said "I heard the Dr say there was a girl in there but I want a brother." I guess it was just wishful thinking!! Later that day he told me it is good it's a girl since there is just me and Alexa. I know he will be a great big brother to her, hopefully he won't be too rough.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Shouldn't be Allowed to be Pregnant!!!

A few Saturdays ago I got up to take Alexa to work. I literally got out of bed put in my contacts, put on my slipper boots and left the house. After I dropped her off I thought I would be nice and grab the boys a donut for breakfast. I ran into Fresh Market grabbed what I needed and headed back out to the car. It was locked and I had NO KEYS!! They were hanging in the ignition!! A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!
Luckily I had my phone in the pocket of my gray sweatsuit (no bra) so I called Rich hoping he was back from his luck. I called the home phone and his cell phone. I sat on the bench inside the store and played on my phone waiting for him to answer. I was there for probably about 25 or 30 minutes before he finally picked up. He got in his car and came to my rescue!!

Well today, similar story, only this time Rich was at work in Orem and my phone was locked in the car with my keys!! I ran to the gas station before work for a drink and did it again!! I decided to walk up to Stephanie's house because I knew she would most likely be there (she just had surgery on her foot) and thought Jeff would probably be home too. It was a windy morning and I had on heels so that was great!! It is about 6 blocks to her house and with the wind it was pretty chilly. I finally got there and she was home (in the bath) but Jeff was in Salt Lake. I called Rich to see if he could call Carrie to come take me home. I don't know any one's phone numbers they are just all in my phone!
When I got to Steph's house there was a man on his roof across the street talking to someone but I didn't really pay attention. When Carrie got there she said the man was stuck on his roof, I guess he was probably trying to talk to me and I totally ignored him!! OOPS! The wind had blown his ladder over and he couldn't get off the roof so Carrie had to come to his rescue too, he had been up there for an hour!!! She took me home to get my spare set of work keys and then she dropped me off at work.

I am going to make some spare keys and maybe wear one on a necklace or sew a secret pouch in my bra for it!! This is getting ridiculous!!
Thanks Carrie for saving the day!!! I owe you one!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Basketball at the Church

Jake was begging everyone to come to the church to play basketball. He loves it and wants to stay there forever. He finally convinced enough people to play!! They played 4 on 4.
Monica, Alexa, Amb and Jake against...
Grandpa, Kenzie, Alex and Brooklyn.
Me and Amy went over to watch for a while, Alexa spent most of the time on the floor. Alex was enjoying himself and got off a few really good shots. They had fun and played for about an hour or more but it still wasn't enough for Jake and he didn't want to leave!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Harper's "SWEET" Birthday Party

Today Miss Harper turned "1" and we were all ready to party!! The party was big, both sides of the family came and we ate pizza, it was yummy!! Melissa had the basement decorated so cute, she went all out!!
So much CANDY!!!
She made these cute jars for everyone to fill up with their favorites!!
Not only was there candy but cupcakes, rolo cookies, homemade carmels and divinity!! Melissa went a little crazy with all the sweets but that was kind of the idea and it was darling!!! Harper was loving eating her cookie all by herself without mom breaking it into pieces!!
The Aggie game was on so we lost most of the men. We all sat around and chatted and ate treats.

Then it was time for Harper to eat her huge cupcake!!!
She wasn't sure what to think at first so she just kept touching it with her finger and then smiling.
She got a little braver and went in with her whole hand but she didn't really put it in her mouth, she was just playing.
Steve helped her taste it and then she got a little more aggressive but not quite aggressive enough for Melissa. She kept telling Steve to shove her face in it. What a mean mom!! Just kidding I was all for it too but Steve was not about to do that to his sweet little girl, what a nice daddy!!
After about 10 minutes she was done and just wanted to be held...but she was a mess. Natalie (Steve's sister) couldn't just let her cry so she grabbed her and ended up with frosting in her hair and all over her clothes.
After she got cleaned up it was time to open presents but she wasn't really in the mood so all the kids helped her out. She hasn't been feeling too good for the last couple days and I think she was sick of all the attention!!
We all had a really fun time and stayed really late!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

What a FUN day!! I went to work but left early so I could go and help with Alex's Valentine's party in the afternoon. They frosted sugar cookies, played pictionary, played "minute-to-win-it" and made a cute valentine heart "ipod."
I forgot to take my camera in with me but I was in charge of helping the kids make these cute ipod's. Another mom put everything together so my job was easy. They turned out really cute. I like to go into Alex's class, it is great to be a part of the fun activities they have!
We got MAIL!! My mom sent us a package and the kids were so excited to open it up! There was a bag of treats for everyone and a card with $20 to go buy some dinner (which we did). Then there were 3 wrapped presents. One had Max's name and the other two didn't have names.
Alexa opened this shower massager (which I think was for me and Rich). She looks a bit confused, right??
Alex opened Glee for the Wii (nice rhyme) and that I am sure is for him and Alexa, they were both totally thrilled and couldn't wait to start playing!!
Max got a transformer and was totally excited!! He is pretty easy to please! Getting gifts in the mail is THE BEST!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Then we gave the kids and each other gifts.
I got Rich 2 shirts and some treats and a subscription to a new running magazine.
Rich got me my favorite flower...tulips, and a beautiful necklace.
My very favorite part of the gift was the card!! What a sweetheart!!!
Alexa got 2 shirts and some red sandals and treats. She was happy!
Alex got Epic Mickey for the Wii, he has been wanting it for a while and was really excited!!
Max got a Power Rangers Robot that "transforms" you can have 5 little animal guys to play with or put them all together to make one big guy!! He LOVED it and played with it all night long.

We went to dinner at The Pizza Factory (thanks again mom and dad), we were planning on going there anyway but it was nice to have most of it paid for!! The bread twists are "to die for" but the pasta was pretty yucky. We didn't have to wait very long so that was good. It's fun to go out with the whole family!

When we got back I made everyone pose for some photos!
Man, good thing I am pregnant and not just FAT, I look HUGE in this picture!!
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Then the kids had a little photoshoot with the balloons, turned out pretty cute!!

I had a fabulous day and feel very loved!! I am thankful for all the people in my life who love me! We also got a visit from Jennifer and Creed (she gave me the coolest nail polish, don't worry I will blog about it once I use it) and the Pyne's came by to drop off some Valentine's. I never got around to delivering the rest of Max's Valentine's to his cousins...sorry guys, just know we love you all!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Max Picked...

His Daddy!!!

Rich was the first one to give Lenny and the last one to receive. Max got him some bananas and his favorite magazine Runners World.

It has been fun having Lenny in our house, I think we get caught up in buying things as a way of showing love (and I am not saying I don't like gifts because of course I do), but I think we have gotten away from just doing something nice for someone or giving compliments etc. I was hoping that Lenny would inspire us to just show love the old fashioned way. I guess that is just the way of the world these days, buying a gift for someone = love. I need to work on this myself as it is usually easier to just buy someone something, because doing something for someone takes more effort.

OK I am done rambling...just some thoughts I was having and needed to get them out. I am going to try harder to show love through simple acts of kindness!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alex picked...


I think Max was getting worried that he was never going to get a turn to have Lenny! Alex drew him a picture of a Nintendo DS, because lately Max has been a tad obsessed with Mario on the DS.
(I helped with the rest).
Alex gave Max this cool Spongebob tool box with his favorite candy bars (Snickers and Twix), some sour spray and a cool Hot Wheels car. Max was really excited! When I tucked him in he said, "mom, I really love my brother Alex and I love life!" It was pretty funny!
Now Max gets to give Lenny to someone...I wonder who it will be (since Rich is the only one who hasn't had him yet)!!