Sunday, July 19, 2009


It is so fun to have babies in the house again (my Mom's house that is). We all love holding them and have to take turns.
Korver is getting SO BIG and is really chunky, even more so when you put him next to a new born. But he is so SWEET and JUICY!!
Alexa was loving Nixon and wanted to feed him and just kept holding him and didn't let anyone else have a turn.
Rich also got in on the feeding action. He wishes he could take one of them home!!!
I am just glad that there are babies around, even if they aren't mine. That has its advantages too!!! They are sweet and fun and Max and Owen are going to love to have 2 little guys to pick on and play with in a few years!!

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Jennifer said...

I would totally steal one of those babies and bring them home, they are so cute!