Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 2

Today we started out the morning with a devotional and 15 minutes of scripture study. It was a beautiful morning and all the girls spread out around the cabin and read.
Looks like Alexa is pondering very heavily on what she is reading.
After breakfast we were off to do our 3 hour service project. We were broken up into groups and given different assignments. My group was in charge of sweeping up gravel and debris out of the gutters at the church. We had brooms and shovels and buckets. It was easy work but not the funnest. Some of the other groups trimmed bushes and cut down weeds. It is good for the girls to do things like this. Sometimes they just have it way too easy!!!

Reward after the service project...BEACH TIME!!!
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Some of the leaders stayed back at the cabin and prepared lunch for us and had everything set up at the beach when we got there!
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It was a really windy afternoon and that put a small damper on our beach fun but most the girls didn't seem to mind. They played in the water and some just lounged on the sand.
Alexa was in the back of the truck with some girls trying to stay out of the wind. They fell asleep and for some reason she had pulled up her swim top and had her hand on her stomach and got a sweet tan!!!

After a few hours the first truck took a load of girls back to the cabin to start the showers going. We gave them all a 3 minute time limit since there is so little hot water. They were pretty good about sticking to that but if not we had leaders posted outside the doors giving them their 3 minute warning!!

After everyone was all cleaned up we had dinner. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and grilled pineapple. It was really yummy. The other priesthood leader arrived and so after dinner Rich headed back home.

The only responsibility the leaders had was to prepare a 10 minute talk on a specific standard. The theme for camp this year is B.U.G.S (Building up Girls Standards). I got responsibility. The 3 groups rotated through the talks. We had 8 leaders and so four of us went tonight and the other four will do theirs tomorrow. I had mine tonight and I think it went really well. The girls really seemed to enjoy the different talks. Some of the other standards topics were: friends, modesty, wise media choices, dating, language, I can't remember all of them.
We all prepared a hand-out for the girls to keep in a camp journal that we will be making tomorrow.
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After the talks we had a yummy dessert prepared by Brynn. A Rhubarb-Strawberry cobbler. We talked for a while and then had our devotional and then it was time for bed.
Some of the girls got in some more letter writing before bed.
But other girls thought facials would be more fun!! I think this picture is hilarious. I had a great time going from floor to floor talking with all the girls. There were three floors (one for each group). We had some good talks!

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