Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Family Tradition

We started something new this year. I found 12 stories that went along with a little gift that I wrapped up and put under the tree. Each night one of the kids picked one and we read the story and opened the gift. It was really fun and I really enjoyed the stories, although some were a little too long!!

One of the stories was about giving gifts and so I attached an envelope with 6 $5 bills and we did a family name draw. We all went to Target and split up into groups in search of the perfect gifts. A $5 budget is pretty small but we were all able to find something.

After the Cope Christmas Eve party we came home, got in our jammies, took a family photo and then did our gift exchange.
Here is everyone decked out in their new Christmas jammies, or should I say pajamas?? Rich hates it when people call them "jammies."

Onto the gift exchange...we went oldest to youngest (who does that???)
Alexa had Rich
She got him a Cycling magazine, just what he wanted!!

Alex had me
He gave me some really pretty diamond earrings, I love them!!

Max had Alexa
He got her some diamond earrings too, different ones, just what she wanted!!!

Maizee had Alex
Maizee picked him out a Perry the Platypus shirt (she went a little over budget, don't tell)!! He loved it!!

Rich had Max
Pretty sure Rich went a little over budget too, he got Max a Hot Wheels starter set, that he LOVED!!

I had Maizee
I got her a stuffed Rhinoceros, she liked it!!

Now it's time for the kids to jump in bed!!! Santa's coming!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Pictures

On Facebook there was a photo company advertising "Unique Santa Pictures" and they had some shots of what they had done and I instantly fell in love and knew that this was going to be my Christmas card photo. I made the appointment and we all headed to Thanksgiving Point for the photo shoot.

It was quick and easy and I AM IN LOVE with the pictures!!! FotoFly is the place to go if you want something a little different and unique!!

Also as a bonus there were Reindeer there, Santa's reindeer. But Max was a little disappointed that Rudolph couldn't make it!!
It was a pretty cold night and none of the other kids wanted to see Santa's reindeer.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cope Family Pictures

Norma arranged for family pictures at a studio in Payson. Everyone was there!! All 47 of us, that's right 18 adults and 29 kids...thought I would save you the trouble of counting for yourself!
The photographer sent us the "proofs" to see so we could decide what prints we wanted to order. I have to say I was a bit confused at how they would actually turn out (after all the editing).

Well, I am not gonna lie, it is a little weird that there is no floor...we are all just kind of floating in the air, I don't love it!! But there is NO CHANCE that we will have another group photo for quite some time so I am happy with it for that reason alone!

Here is just my family.

Again, not in love with the floating (which is a lot more noticeable in this one).

Bernard and Norma's picture turned out great! Bonus: NO floating

I like this one because sweet Maizee is being silly and has her tongue out!! She loves sticking out her tongue!

After the photo shoot some of us went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Joseph arranged it and we had a great time!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maizee Rolls Over

I don' have any pictures of this but wanted to document it anyway. This morning Maizee was talking and making noises in her bed but she wasn't crying so I stayed in bed a bit longer then went in to her room to get her. When I went in she was flat on her back (yes she sleeps on her tummy), and she was just laying there happy as can be!! I am sad that I didn't actually get to see her roll over but I know she did!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

Rich and I are tending the Duvall kids for a few days while their parents are out of town and Stephanie left me in charge of the Gingerbread Houses!!! We invited the Anderson's over to make them with us. Max didn't really want to make one so I made one for him! He was in a bad mood for some reason. All the kids had a great time creating their houses. Alexa and Harrison were "too cool" to make one but Harrison helped Madison.
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Jennifer was in charge of Maizee and put her to sleep!! We had a fun time spending the evening together, I think all the houses turned out great!!!