Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stadium of Fire 2009

Since I wasn't at the Stadium of Fire I had Alexa tell her story below. I got these pictures from her friend Paige. It starts out with the practices and then the pre-show photos and then during the show. I wish I would have bought tickets so that I could have seen her dance. She had a great experience!

Well my mother is making me write about my wonderful time that I had at the actual stadium of fire and the practices. So here goes!
I had practices every Wednesday morning for about uh....I think a month. It was really hard to get up at 6:00a.m. every was even harder because I would sleep at Paige's house and we wouldn't go to sleep probably around 2am. So that was hard, but every practice was really fun because we would all be so tired we would laugh at like everything! So it wasn't too bad. Then the last week that we had to practice at our studio we practiced pretty much everyday in the morning. That was even harder but still fun. The only bad part of that week is that we found out one of the Lady's in charge of the Stadium of Fire dance was coming to our studio to watch us do the dances and we still didn't know the last part of it. So that gave us a shock and a scare but she ended up being really nice so it was all good!

So then the week after that whole thing we practiced at the stadium! It was crazy hot and we were all really grumpy. We had to stop in the middle of the dance a million times because the lady that made up the dance kept changing the dance so that was no fun. She was also the devil! She would say like the girl in the pink your doing this move wrong...I don't even know how she can see mistakes in 500+ girls! She even made this one girl do 10 push ups because she forgot her scarf! It was way sad...also a little funny but mostly sad!
So then we had practice there in the morning, we had to be there at 7am, then we got a lunch break then we went back to the stadium and danced forever then we had a dinner break then we stayed there until about 12:00p.m. The next day was the real thing! We went early in the morning and practiced then we got to go home and get ready, around 6:00p.m. We came back and got in our positions. I was in D or something like that with a lot of girls. We were supposed to be being quiet but that didn't go too well. We got in trouble many times! So around 7:30 we went on the field and did our first set of dances! We had a fun time but in my eyes it looked horrible...good thing is the people on the filed were the only ones that could see us close up so it probably looked good in the stands I hope. Then we had to get off the field and run up to the tiny dressing room with 500+ girls and change our costume! IT WAS CRAZY! I thought I was going to die...but I lived to tell the tale! :)..funny..anyways after we changed we went back to the field and did our awesome fire dance! There were fire dancers in the middle of us on a stage and it was the coolest dance ever!
We got to sit on the field to watch the rest of the show and the fireworks. So right after the music started we looked to the side of us and there was the Jonas Brothers on stage! Everyone was screaming and freaking out it was crazy! The sad thing was that there were these little fences that were like blocking us away from the V.I.P section and my team was right by the fences so we couldn't stand up and dance and stuff because there were other girls behind was still pretty cool though. The best part was that me and Paige were looking for some hot guys in the military family section behind us and we found the hottest brothers! We were freaking out and wanted to go and talk to them but then they started belting out the Jonas Brothers songs and it was kinda scary but still super cute! So we walked past them after the show was over and they totally checked us out...they were probably checking out the 17 year old girls that were with us but me and Paige still had hope they were looking at us! So that was pretty much my Stadium of Fire story. I hope you enjoyed that very long story that I typed for you!

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Melissa said...

I love your stories Lex! Oh and about the hot boys that busted out the Jonas brothers songs...I would stay away! You are such a superstar!