Saturday, July 18, 2009

Floating the Canal

Me and Mom went to the Farmer's Market and to some other places in the morning and left the boys home with Dad. When we got back just Rich and Amb were home so we asked where everyone was. Amb told us that Dad, Alex and Max went to float the canal.
We decided to go see if we could find them.
We found them up by the park going down the same little part over and over. Alex was having the time of his life!!
Max went on the tube once but didn't really love it so he enjoyed just waiting on the edge with his feet in the water.
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Alex was doing tricks and standing up on the tube. He was having so much fun. My dad had a stick that he would grab on so he could pull him to the edge.

I was watching and it was really really hot. My dad suggested that I take a turn. He said it would be my last chance. I am not really sure why it would be my last chance but it sounded refreshing. I hadn't showered for the day yet and thought it sounded like a great idea.
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I handed off the camera to my mom and asked Max if he wanted to go with me. He didn't. I wasn't sure the best way to get in the canal without getting too wet. The edges are pretty steep and they have black plastic on them so they are very slippery too.
Alex said to hold the tube behind me and just jump in but I probably would have tipped over so I didn't want to try that. I thought I could just go down halfway and then go in backwards. I ended up slipping and got wet to my shoulders. It was COLD but felt good (except for the wet bra). I got on the tube and had a short little float and then dad pulled me in and that was that. Good times!!!

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Melissa said...

I sure wish I could have seen that!