Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Girls Camp...Bear Lake

This year for girls camp we were so fortunate to go to Bear Lake and stay in a "cabin," I put it in parentheses because it was more like a house and it was huge and awesome!! Our YW President's in-laws have this beautiful cabin that they so kindly let us use for girls camp.
Alexa and I met them all at the Tabernacle for donuts and juice. We were already in Logan dropping off the boys. Rich was also along for the ride for the first two days of camp. We needed 2 Priesthood holders at camp all the time so he and another guy split up the 4 days. It was fun to have him there.
We made it up to Bear Lake about 12pm and our first order of business was to get the flag up. Well the rope was stuck on something and we couldn't get the hook to pull down so one of our very athletic young women, Emily decided to shimmy up the flag pole and get it un-stuck. I was pretty nervous because it wasn't a very sturdy pole and she was swaying all over the place. Rich and I were at the bottom holding the pole and trying to steady it. She got up there did her business and slid down like it was just part of her daily routine. AWESOME!!!
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The girls were put into 3 different groups and got all their sleeping arrangements and we had a few hours to get settled in and familiar with the cabin. We had paper and stamps and markers to write notes to each other and the girls spent alot of time at the table writing notes to each other. Some just wanted naps and most the leaders just sat on the "breeze way" and chatted until dinner was ready.
We had "Cafe Rio" salads and the best lime-aid I have ever tasted!! I have to say the leaders had it SO EASY! We had very little responsibility because we had such great Camp Directors!! Each group was in charge of different meals and clean up which meant we just ate and then had more time to chat!
After dinner we had the girls all get their camp shirts on and we had a photo shoot! With 24 girls we weren't expecting the "perfect" shot so we just kept taking them and the girls started to get silly after the first 20 or so!! It was a good time!
Then it was the leaders turn. We should have had camp shirts too but whatever, I'm over it!! We did a cute picture and then decided to be silly too, only no one really cooperated except for the bottom row!! Stacy and I thought we were hilarious and Kim loved all the attention!!
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A few more pictures and then it was time to get ready fofr our Pajama fashion Show.
I am SO HAPPY that I was able to come and experience camp with my sweet daughter Alexa.

The girls were all told to bring PJ's for the fashion show and some of the girls got really creative (to say the least)!!!
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We went through all the girls and then all the sudden Emily and Brit came out and no one could believe their eyes. We were all hysterically laughing and they were just up their doing their thing all serious and posing. It was so great!

After the fashion show we got out the fingernail polish and some girls gave facials etc. We had a mini spa night and it was such a great way to end the first day of camp. I got an amazing facial from Jessica (she was a pro). I also had my nails painted by Brit. The girls really enjoyed themselves.
We had a devotional and then it was time for bed.
This guy "hung out" with us all night too!!!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!!!

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