Tuesday, July 28, 2009


After our breakfast we loaded up and set out for Hollywood Blvd. The traffic was not too bad and we made pretty good time getting there. Alexa was so excited to go shopping and about getting "cool stuff" that none of her fiends would have. Also, she really wanted to "get discovered" and thought that this would be the best place for that to happen. Unfortunately that didn't happen.
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We parked pretty close to the Kodak Theater and decided we would just walk around and see what was going on.
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We had to go into Forever 21 to shop for a bit. I found a cute shirt and some earrings and Alexa bought a cute dress. It was an outdoor mall so we walked around a bit and went into a few other stores.
It didn't feel as hot and there was a nice breeze that made it really pleasant. Alex got a kick out of the people dressed up. We spent a few dollars for a couple shots, we knew Max would love seeing the 2 Spiderman's holding up Alex!
We saw a huge crowd and I knew what it was...Michael Jackson's star was surrounded by so many people and flowers and notes etc. I took a shot from behind the crowd because I didn't want to push my way in.
We had lunch at Baja Fresh and it was really delicious. We ate upstairs and they are right across the street from Michael Jackson's star. I loved watching the crowd that never seemed to disperse paying tribute to him. We thought about seeing the new Harry Potter movie but tickets were $20 each, yeah for real!!! We decided to go to the Wax Museum instead.
Rich wouldn't even get close to this guy. I thought it was pretty funny that he really wouldn't even come and get in the picture, he is our President after all!!!
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We also went into the Guinness Book of World Records museum too. It was pretty entertaining and interesting. We had fun walking around both places and taking some pictures.
We went to a few other stores, souvenir shops mostly and each bought a T-shirt, 4 for $10 you can't beat that!!
Alexa found some awesome purple high tops that she is sure no one else will have in Utah and she was really excited about that!!
This is what Rich looked like every time he wasn't driving!!! It is funny cause he says he can't sleep in the car, but he is for sure asleep, you know how I know?? He snores pretty loud, the kids in the back seat can hear him with the radio on!!! I had to take a picture to prove to him that he really can and does sleep in the car all he time!!!

We got back and stopped at Walmart for some more food, the Walmart sucked so bad!! We ate dinner at the hotel and then decided to go to Disneyland for the rest of the night. We got there about 8:30pm but they are open until midnight so we have time for a few rides!!
Me and the kids went on Space Mountain and I LOVED it. It has been so long since I have been on this ride because it is usually always closed for some reason. It was a blast and one of my favorites for sure!! Rich watched the firework show while we were on the ride!
We caught up with Rich went on the Astro Blasters, Alice in Wonderland (another favorite of mine), Story Book Land (the boat one), It's a Small World and the Nemo ride. Rich really enjoyed them all. He liked Small World alot. We were there until the rides shut down and it was great!!
We walked back to the hotel but stopped and got a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry on the way...it was DELICIOUS!!! We finally got back at 1:00am and CRASHED in bed!! It was a fantastic day!!!

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