Tuesday, May 31, 2011


And there you have it...4.0 all year long!!! W.O.W.
I am so impressed by this I can't even put it into words. For me in High School, grades were never very important, and that is an understatement. I got by with B's and C's (and even an occasional D-, that was one time and I am NOT PROUD to admit that)!! I was more concerned with friends and boys and fun and boys, did I mention BOYS??? So to have my oldest child start out her "official transcript" with a 4.0 blows my mind!! Especially because she is very involved socially and still manages to get the perfect grades...I guess it's not true what they say because Alexa CAN have it all, and she does!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

30 Weeks

It is good to be in the single digits (9 weeks to go) AND if everything goes the way I HOPE it will, maybe only EIGHT!!
The photos are not the greatest but when you are taking them yourself you just kind of get what you get!!! I tried to get Alex to help me out but he was "too busy" doing something else, the little turd!!

We have had a very cold and wet spring and that has made ME happy, but I think I am the only one. I have been pretty comfortable so far and feel pretty good!!!

Hershey Track Meet

The annual Hershey Tack Meet. We lucked out with the weather this year. It was originally planned for a different day put it poured and so they changed it to today and it was a beautiful day!!! I even got a little sun burned!!
Alex did the 100 meter run and the long jump. We took off early and went to Subway for lunch. Later on I picked up all the kids plus some friends and we headed to Hawaiian Shaved Ice for the first snow cone of the season!!! It was really a fabulous day!!!