Thursday, July 30, 2009

Huntington Beach

We packed up this morning and headed out to Huntington Beach. I have heard from several people that it is a beautiful beach and it seems like I always go to Santa Monica or Newport so I was exctited for a new adventure.
I wan't that impressed when we got out of the car, it was pretty dirty and there was tons of seaweed and stuff all over the sand. It was a pretty day and the weather kept warming up so that was great!!
The water of course was pretty cold but that didn't stop the kids. Rich and I were up on our chairs reading while Alexa and Alex were...
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fighting the waves. They were haivng so much fun letting the waves knock them down. Alexa got some pretty bad "sand rash" on her legs, she was bleeding a little.
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I couldn't convince Rich to get in all the way. He would just stand there in the waves but he said the water was too coold to get in. He almost got knocked down a few times by the bigger waves, it was pretty entertaining to watch.
I was the only one that was brave enough to actually "go swimming," Alexa tried but she was scared and didn't feel comfortable going past where she could touch. It was so refeshing to just be out in the water and bouncing on the waves. I stayed out for a long time just treading water and wishing someone would come play with me!!!
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We ate lunch there and had a really fun time. It did get pretty warm but as the day went on it clouded up so we decided to head back to the hotel around 5pm.
I guess we were at the very end of the beach and that is why it was kind of crappy, as we drove back we saw some way nicer places so I guess we will have to give it another chance next time!!

We ate dinner and showered and then headed to Disneyland for the rest of the night.
We went on our favortie rides again and Rich watched the fireworks while we were on the rollercoaster. We stayed until the park closed at 12am and walked back to the hotel. We stopped and got a McFlurry for the walk back. We were EXHAUSTED but what a great day!!!!

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