Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This year Cheer camp was at USU so that was fun for Alexa. The first night of camp they performed and some of my family went to watch, I heard it was great!
The camp was Monday to Thursday and it was a LONG week but Alexa had lots of fun! Me and the boys went up to Logan to pick her up and we stayed for the weekend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alex is Quite an Artisit

Melissa "commissioned" Alex for a few pieces of artwork for Harper's room. They went to Hobby Lobby and bought all the supplies and he went to work.
Melissa told him what colors she had in mind and the rest is his creation. I think they turned out so cute. I told him he should start doing paintings to sell...he is very talented and creative!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swim Meet

First swim meet of the season and they have only had practice for 1 week. Alex was a little bit nervous because he felt like he was "out of practice" not to mention the little incident yesterday!!

Rich, Max and I went to watch. Rich went running while Alex was waiting for his event and Me and Max went on a donut run!!

He signed up for the 50 yard Freestyle (which he missed becasue we were late, it started @ 7am)!!
He also signed up for the 50 yard Breast Stroke, he was nervous about coming in last. Last year all he would do was Freestyle so I was proud of him for trying something new. AND he did not come in last so that was a bonus!!

His last event was the Free Relay and his team was last in this event but no big deal!!
Alex swam his lap really well and I am so proud of him!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Alex Broke his Tooth!!!

This morning at Swim Team practice they were practicing "starts" on the blocks for the first swim meet of the season tomorrow. That is where you dive into the pool off the platform. Alex did this all last year so he was just polishing up his skills. Somehow (and I still don't really understand how this happened) when he dove in, instead of a shallow long dive, he went short and deep and hit his face on the bottom of the pool breaking off the bottom half of his front tooth. His upper lip was a little banged up and swollen too. It really makes no sense in my mind how this happened but it did!!
Enough of the tooth came off that some of the nerve was exposed making it pretty painful for him. Our Dentist does not work Fridays so I called the emergency number and he arranged to meet us at his office at 7:30pm. I gave him some IB Profin and told him to take it easy and try not to talk too much (the air on the nerve made it really sensitive). He wasn't really able to eat much all day either.

He was pretty anxious for 7:30 to roll around. Our Dentist did a fantastic job fixing his tooth. He just built it up with composite and it is very difficult to even tell where the break was! It is still a little bit sensitive but that will go away and he will be good as new!!!

Swim Lessons

Alex and Max had swim lessons all week so this is how my schedule was...
Alexa Cheer Practice @ 6:00 am (she is in a carpool and I am on "pick up" so I did not have to wake up THAT early).
Alex Swim Team @ 7:30 to 8:30am
Alex Swim Lesson 9:00 to 9:30am
Drag Max along with me...we either watched Alex or stayed in the car for a nap, depending on the day!
Take all the kids home and go to work.
12:30 to 1:00pm Max Swim Lesson
Back to work after.
It was a pretty exhausting we went to Seven Peaks TWICE (Monday and Thursday).

Here are some pictures I took of the boys during their lessons.
Alex advanced to the next level, Intermediate 4 (the highest level she teaches). I only got one shot of Alex because he couldn't swim on Friday, his last day of class because of his accident at Swim Team).

Max is going to take this same level again. He did really great but he does not get the concept of kicking with straight legs!!
He learned so much this week and I am so proud of him. There have been alot of kids drowning lately and it makes me really nervous because Max is a little careless. I just want him to be comfortable in the water and know what to do if he ever gets in trouble.
He jumped off the diving board all by himself, climbed the "water ladder" to the surface on his own and then turned to his back to swim to the edge, that is where he still needs some work. He doesn't put his head back far enough so he can't quite get into the right position on his back and he kicks with "bicycle legs."
I am so proud of both my boys for their hard work this week!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Max's 5th Birthday

Rich, Alex and Max went to the Father's and Son's camp out in Spanish Fork Canyon last night so when Max woke up in the tent he told Rich that being "5" felt different. Alot of the guys up there knew it was Max's birthday and they all teased him and told him that he grew overnight. He said in all seriousness to Rich on the way home, "dad, I think they are right, I am alot bigger today."

We all got showered and went to Adelie and Adriana's baptism's at 1:00pm. Max was not very happy that he had to go to baptism's on HIS birthday, but he was so tired from his late night camping adventure he ended up falling asleep on Rich and sleeping through the whole thing. He woke up much happier so I was grateful he got a nap!! We all went to the Duvall's house for lunch afterward.

Max was getting anxious to start celebrating his birthday so we got in the car and he wanted to open his presents while we were driving. I told Rich to stop at the park so he could open up his gifts.
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He got a new Transformer, two Bionicles, a water gun, some bullets for his Nerf gun and some shrinky dinks. He was pretty happy with his gifts.

Then we hopped back in the car and went to Trafalga in Lehi.
We all did the indoor miniature golf, Max had his first ride on a go-kart (and loved it, even though he looked a little scared at times), and Alex climbed the rock wall. Max usually wants to mini golf 2 or 3 times in a row but I think he was anxious to get home and play with his new toys so we weren't there for too long.
He picked McDonald's for dinner and so we stopped and ate and he played on the play land. When we got home it was still pretty early so we all went on a walk.

Then Max jumped in the shower to clean up and then it was time to make his birthday wish!!
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He was really thinking hard about his wish and got all the candles out so hopefully his wish will come true!! He played with his toys and even built the Bionicles all by himself by looking at the instructions!! Smart kid!! I love Max so much and hope he has a fabulous year being 5!!