Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunny Day at the Reservoir

I went into work early so that we could spend the day at the reservoir. Alexa had practice for Stadium of Fire all day (really, from 7am to 11pm) and me and the boys wanted to do something FUN!! The weather was supposed to be stormy in the afternoon so we wanted to go early but it turned out to be a beautiful day all day long so we stayed there for 7 hours!!! Steph and her kids came to play and later in the day Rich, the Anderson's and the Roger's came.
I love the views up at the reservoir. All you can see is beautiful mountains and the town below. It is a great place to spend the day!!

I took the boys on a boat ride to look for fish. There weren't very many people there when we got there, that was nice! We had a fun time.

Fun in the SAND!!!
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The kids had a fantastic time building things and burying each other in the sand. That is the one great thing about the reservoir, there is more to do than just be in the water all the time.

Adriana had a great time hanging out in the shade and snacking.

These two make me laugh. People ask if they are twins. There is a 5 month age difference but Max is taller than Pieper. They had a great time playing together. She told Max she was 'Snow White' so that is what Max would call her, it was precious! Max looks really tired in this picture.

Fun in the BOAT!!!
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We have had this in our garage the last 2 summers and never got it out. I decided that we needed to get some use out of it and it was a HIT!! The kids had a great time rowing around the reservoir and we even got Steph out there!

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Harrison and Parker were pretty worried about their mom out there and were both swimming out to 'save' her! It was pretty sweet!

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I LOVE these pictures. He belongs on a beach somewhere in California doesn't he? He is SO TAN and with the blonde hair and natural highlights he is SO HANDSOME!!

Dustin took Max out for a while and he was working on his swimming skills. Max was having so much fun with his Uncle Dustin.
Brett had Whytli and baby Nash out playing and it looks like they were all enjoying themselves!

We had a great day and are all pretty exhausted.

We went home and got showered and then went and picked up dinner and met the Anderson's in Provo at the Freedom Festival to walk around for a while. They have vendors and food and carnival rides. No one bought anything but we had a fun time!!!

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Fun! I want to go to the reservoir.