Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day of the Magic

Today is our last day at "the happiest place on earth." We got checked out of the hotel after breakfast and headed back one last time to get our fill of our favorite rides. Alex wanted to head to "Tower of Terror" first because that was his most favorite ride. Luck was on our side because there was NO LINE...we went on it 3 times in a row (and Alex wanted to keep going).
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The kids thought it was funny to pose at the top for the picture. We had a great time!!!
We went on "Space Mountain" for the last time, I loved that ride!!
The kids went on "Screamin" two times while Rich and I went on the Tortilla Factory and the Bakery tours. It was really fun and we got to eat freshly made tortilla's and bread. We went on "Grizzly Falls" the water ride (not Rich). That was a first for all of us and it was fun.

We went to McDonald's for lunch again and then went on a few more rides. We wanted to get a head start on our drive home so we left the park about 7pm.
This was taken on our way out!!! We all had a great time and I think Rich's first trip to Disneyland was very fun and memorable for him. I can't wait to go back in a year or so with Max...he will LOVE it!!!

We got back to the car and then headed north. We had pretty bad traffic for a while and that is never fun!! We stopped in Barstow for dinner at Taco Bell and then continued driving!!!
When we were about 20 minutes out of Baker I asked everyone what they thought the temperature would be on the giant thermometer. It was 11pm and Rich and Alexa both won the was 99 degrees on the car thermometer and 98 degrees on the one in Baker, that is TOO HOT!!!
We arrived at Whiskey Pete's at 11:40pm and it took Rich about 45 minutes to check us in. It was an OK room and we weren't going to be there for long so it didn't really matter anyway!! We were all just really happy to be out of the car!!!

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