Monday, July 13, 2009

Potty Training...STINKS!!!

Max has not really had much interest in going potty on the toilet. I don't even remember potty training the other kids, they both caught on really quick and we didn't have any problems. Max has gone on the toilet before and he likes to but he LOVES MILK!!! He still hasn't acquired much of a taste for 'real food' yet. He eats but is pretty picky and is just happier with milk. He has milk before bed which we have to put a stop to!! He always says: "tiny bit more, please!!"
I told Alexa her summer project would be to help me potty train Max. We had a really great week and then last week he just decided that it was not that fun to go in the toilet. I am not sure what to do!!!

He goes pretty good most the time but he is having enough accidents that I am scared to take him anywhere with underwear on. On Sunday he just stood in my room while Rich and I were both standing right there and went #2 in his undies. Also, he went in the pantry and shut the door while we were eating dinner and #2 again. I had some left over dollar store toys from swim lessons and he found them the other day. I told him that he could have them if he went on the toilet all day. He did yesterday and so I let him have a toy, he was so excited. Today he #2'd his undies and I took the toy and told him that I was going to throw it away because he didn't go in the toilet. He cried and cried and cried and said: "it just came out." I felt really bad so I told him I wouldn't throw it away but he had to earn it back by going on the toilet all day tomorrow with no accidents.
I will keep you posted on when we are 100% pull-up free (I refuse to buy any more diapers, even though pull-ups are more expensive)!!

OK so I actually wrote this post back in June and here is the update: He has gone for 2 weeks with no accidents but still has a pull-up on at night!!!
We are so close!!! YAY for MAXWELL!!!


Jen B. said...

Man!! Why does potty training have to be SO hard??? Sounds like your doing everything right!

Loving milk is great, Tyson hasn't had milk sense I took his bottle away....We all have our challenges, I guess!

Ace said...

Oh, he's too cute!

He'll figure it out soon enough.
Don't you want a baby forever?

Crew's going to be poopin his drawers until he goes off to college if I have my way.

Okay, maybe not COLLEGE!
I just hate to see them grow up-It really does happen way, way too fast.