Sunday, July 26, 2009

Los Angeles Temple

We finally made it to Cali. I did alot of reading on the way and the kids played their DS's or watched movies or slept. Rich did most of the driving today.
We decided to drive through the city since it was the kids first time seeing it and they really wanted to. We drove down Hollywood Blvd. and Alexa was sure this is where she belongs. We decided that we would come back during the week so we could get out and do some shopping and sight seeing.

We stopped at the Los Angeles Temple to walk around for a bit. The weather was so perfect. It was about 6pm and in the 70's with a slight breeze.

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We had a few photo shoots and walked around for a while glad to be out of the van.

It surprised me that there was so much traffic on Sunday. I know that there is always traffic in LA but it was pretty ridiculous for a Sunday evening. We finally made it to our Hotel in Anaheim and got checked in.
It wasn't the nicest place we've ever stayed but after the Motel 6 last night it was awesome!! We have a microwave and fridge, breakfast every morning and plenty of room. There is also a free shuttle to the park which was a big selling point for me.
We made sandwiches for dinner and caught the Disneyland fireworks in the parking lot. Road trips are pretty exhausting and so we went to bed anxious for tomorrow!!

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Melissa said...

I can't believe Alexa didn't get "discovered" in LA. She totally belongs there, but she's not allowed to leave Utah, ever! I love the LA Temple and I love your photo shoot you had there! Alexa is a babe as usual and I love Alex's serious face pictures - So Cute!