Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Happy Independence Day!!!

The day started off pretty crappy for me. I told Rich that I needed to get some things done in the morning so I asked him if he would take Max with him to the parade (he always takes his mom every year because no one else wants to go). He did take Max but he also took my car...duh honey, how am I supposed to go shopping without a car??? Needless to say I was pretty upset and bugged. To top it all off he didn't bother coming home until 1:30pm (yeah the parade was over at 10:30).
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I had a "photo shoot" with myself and then did some things around the house. I left as soon as Rich got home and he wasn't getting why I was upset with him. He was like: "You could have taken my car." His car is stick and I can barely drive it in town, I was not about to try to go to Orem in it.

Later we met most of Rich's family at Canyon View Park for an early dinner. We ate sandwiches and fruit. It was really hot but there was a little stream that kept the kids entertained.

We came home and it was still early. Alexa was dancing at the Stadium of Fire and we didn't buy tickets so we decided to go and watch them from the baseball field.
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They were selling snow cones and the boys had to have one.
It made Alex pretty cold so he got all bundled up in a blanket to keep warm.
They were also selling glow sticks and so we bought some of those too. Max was having a great time with his.

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I think the snow cones had a TRIPLE dose of sugar in them because the boys were WILD!!! They were wrestling and wouldn't even stop when the fireworks started. At least it was 'friendly' wrestling. They were both having a good time.
The fireworks themselves were a HUGE disappointment. It was really short and not very many fireworks. When they stopped Rich and I looked at each other and were like: "they are over??" Oh well, the kids had fun and you have to have fireworks on the 4th of July!!!


Melissa said...

I love your photo shoot!

Amy said...

you looked beautiful on our nation's independence day!