Saturday, December 20, 2008

Temple Square

After we checked out of the room we went to the mall and did our last minute shopping. Max hasn't sat on Santa's lap yet but the line was too long and I was not in the mood to wait. We headed to Target after (we had time to kill before it got dark).
We met the Harris's at the Conference Center (we missed you Melissa and Steve), it was still light outside so we decided to go on a tour. Max and Owen were SO HYPER.
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Our tour guide was very friendly and cut the tour short for us. We walked across the street to see the lights. It was about 25 degrees (last year at the Zoo it was only 9so this wasn't too bad). We walked around and Max loved seeing all the different Nativities. We took a couple pictures and called it good.
After we went to dinner at the Training Table and then we headed for home. It was a great weekend and I hope that the kids will enjoy the memories!!


Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

What a great family tradition!

Melissa said...

I'm sad I missed out - next year. For Sure!