Saturday, December 27, 2008


We stayed in Logan all weekend and enjoyed spending time with my family. On Saturday the kids wanted to go sledding and some of them were already at Melissa's house so my mom and dad took the rest of the kids out there.
They have a big dirt hill in their back yard and it makes for some great sledding.
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Max and Brinli weren't too into the sledding so they stayed inside to watch The Grinch. Max was being naughty so Melissa said "Maxwell Bernard" and then he looked at her and yelled "COPE", he is so funny about that. If you just say Max then that is OK but if you say Maxwell Bernard then you better add Cope to the end of it or else he will.
We also noticed that he finished alot of other phrases we said. We were playing a card game and we kept saying "ready, set" and then he would say "GO", I can't remember the other one but it was pretty funny. He doesn't like leaving words out.

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Me, Rich, Monica, Amb and Mel didn't feel like joining in on the sledding so we went to Wingers for lunch and then to a few stores. It looks like we missed out on a fun time!!

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Melissa said...

You totally missed out on a good time sledding! It was super fun! Max is too funny!