Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Oliver's

We made it!!!
The kids were so excited to finally be at Oliver's house and to get started on round 2 of the presents. I just love Christmas day and being in our PJ's and sitting around and laughing and eating and playing together.

Max did not want to leave his Boozer guy in the car. We met up with uncle Isaac and he gave the kids a present and that is what Max got...and he LOVED it. He held onto it tight cause he didn't want anyone to take it.

Amy was excited to see Max and doesn't Owen look stinking cute in his Santa hat!!!

I was anxious to give Alex his Rollercoaster and Ferris Wheel. He has been wanting one forever and I knew he would be excited!!

Once again I was in charge of the video camera so not too many great pics but he was so happy and all the kids loved watching it. We had to put it away though so it wouldn't get destroyed!! I need to find a display case or something to put it in.

I think Max's favorite gift was his Hulk Hands. He was having SO much fun with these. He was punching everyone and talking in his crazy "Hulk" voice.
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The right hand has sounds when you punch something with it and it says "your making me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry" and so Max was saying "your making me angry" all day was really cute. Jake had a great time playing with Max.

These 2 pictures are just too funny. My mom is sometimes crazy and finds things that are so hilarious.
Have you ever seen a sleeper this big??? She got all the grand kids sleepers and I guess she didn't want Alexa to feel left out so she found a "giant one" for her. It was about as wide as it was long!!! Alexa "traded" her the sleeper for the Twilight CD...good trade, right?

Amy loves scarfs and winter hats so when my Mom saw this scarf/hat combo she knew Amy just had to have it. I am not sure if Amy was given the option to make a trade but I am sure she would have!!

Here are just some random pictures of the day...Melanie's presents won the "best wrapping job" award. They were so cute, she found glitter alphabet stickers and put everyone's names on the gift with them.
My Mom likes to stretch things out (and Melissa and Steve have to leave in the middle of the day to go to his families house). We usually get our "big" gifts in the evening.
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All the grand kids over 5 got a Nintendo DS and 2 games and a case to hold it all in. Once the kids opened those we didn't really see or hear from them the rest of the night. It was a great gift and they all LOVE them!!!

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Max LVOED his race car track and also his Spiderman sit-n-spin. Brinli got a princess castle and I can't really remember what Owen got because he was having SO much fun playing with the castle and Max's toys!!

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I HAD to post these photos becasue I LOVE Max's expressions as he is guzzling all my diet coke, yes my 2 yr old drinks diet coke. He is not addicted and I do not give it to him in his own cup but he tends to always want a drink of mine!!

Christmas 2008 was fantastic and I am so thankful for everything we were able to experience this season...loving thoughtful people, family memories, new traditions, old traditions, food, food and more food!!


Melissa said...

Such fun memories! Christmas is the best!

Amy said...

thank you for posting that picture of me in my hat/scarf combo! I am hot! nope, I did not get the trade offer so I guess I will have to sport a new trend. I love family christmas!