Monday, December 22, 2008


After the shoveling Rich decided to take the boys sledding in Payson. He went and bought Max a new sled before they went. I was trying to finish up last minute stuff but Rich called me like 10 times and wanted me to come and take some pictures!

Max was LOVING the sledding.
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I got there and the hill was STEEP, I was a little nervous. Rich told me that he was having a blast and his sled had a seat belt so he felt like he was pretty safe. I took a few pictures and then sent them down the hill...
Posted by Picasa soon as I come to see Max having SO MUCH FUN sledding, he wipes out and doesn't want to do it anymore...I guess I should have stayed home. Rich said that he thinks they crashed because Alex was holding onto Max's sled and he wasn't doing that before.
Max was OK but I think if he hadn't been belted in it wouldn't have been as scary. Rich went to check things out and he was scared and crying and getting really cold!

He did go down a few more times but he was freezing so I ended up taking him home about 15 minutes after I got there.
On the way home he said "Mom that hurt my head." I hope he will give it a try again!!!

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