Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

I came home from work one day last week and Rich had put up the tree, I was so excited to have it up (and not have to help)!! We had something going on in the evening and didn't get a chance to decorate it that night.
I came home from work the following day and it was all decorated!! YEAH!! There are definitely some advantages of unemployment. He did such a great job with the tree and I and so glad that it's all done. He also got the train out and got it working. Max and Alex both LOVE the train!!

On Friday night Alex was sleeping at a friends house so Alexa and Max slept out in the living room under the tree and watched a movie!! I am still trying to talk Rich into sleeping under the tree with me!!


Melissa said...

That's a nice surprise! I love sleeping under the Christmas tree!

Shannon said...

I love how skinny and tall your tree is. It looks great!

Amy said...

sleeping under the tree is the best!

Tiesha said...

How nice! I love seeing peoples trees and all the differnt ways it can be decorated. We should have a night an drive around to everyones house to see all the cute trees! :o)