Monday, December 1, 2008

Cornelious the ELF

When we got home from the party there was a package on our door step. It was an Elf from the North Pole!!
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He came along with some instructions. We had to name him and you aren't supposed to touch him (they already did before we read the instruction sheet). He is a "magic" elf that stays in your house and watches everything you do...he goes back nightly and reports to the North Pole if we are naughty or nice. If you touch him his magic might disappear. He turns up in the strangest places and is always watching!!
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The kids were really excited to have a visitor from the North Pole, hopefully he will always have GOOD things to report!!


Melissa said...

FUN! I want a Christmas Elf to watch over me.

Amy said...

Please ask Cornelius to send me a Christmas Elf as well. I like elves!