Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Little Yule Often is a Danish tradition that we have enjoyed my whole life. It comes from my Grandpa Hansen's (my Mom's Dad) side of the family and some of my family members think someone just made it up...you never hear about it and I have never heard of anyone else celebrating it...but that is OK, I still LOVE it!!
It is the day before Christmas Eve and that is the day you are supposed to make all your Christmas goodies and of course the Fry Cakes!!

Monica is always in charge of making the sugar cookies because she is a pro at it. This year she had to work so she made the dough and my Mom cooked them all!! The kids always have a great time frosting the cookies.
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My sister works at a Dr's office and they all decided to wear "ugly Christmas sweaters" to work. She had to borrow one from my Mom (notice in the pictures my Mom and Amberly's sweatshirts, they just think they are cute). Of course, my Mom had a TON to choose from and Melanie added the bow as a finishing touch. She even went to the Mall dressed like this. I think she looks great!!

She made everyone this cute little tile saying thing...she is so creative and crafty and thoughtful!! Thanks Mel

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Shannon said...

My brother and his friends had a party where everyone had to wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Your sisters wins hands down out of all of them. I love the bow. You should have Alexa start making those. They would be a top seller. I've never heard of Little Yule Often, but it sure sounds fun.