Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Rich's family came to our house for a New Years Eve party. The party started at 6:30pm and we had soup in bread bowls for dinner. There were 3 different kinds and it was all really yummy. I am not a huge fan of soup but it was all really good!!
We all contributed to the meal and then also brought snacks for later.
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Rich got all our Christmas stuff taken down while I was at work. He cleaned the house and got everything ready. We had people come and go throughout the night but there were 19 adults and 19 children in all that came to the party (and that is without Alexa and Alex cause they stayed in Logan). That is a ton of people but we had room and I think everyone had a fun time!!

Brett brought Rock Band so after we ate we all went downstairs to play or watch (Rich...he wouldn't participate). We all had fun and there was lots of laughing involved!! It is pretty intimidating to get in front of the microphone and sing in front of people but most of us were able to over come the embarrassment and try it!!
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The kids were pretty much just on the loose all night and most of them were upstairs while we were all downstairs and this caused Rich some stress. We locked most of the doors to avoid total chaos but they were still able to manage to get into a little trouble, it was mostly Max and Ashton but no major damage and they had a great time together.

Rich was not happy about the party favors that I bought for the countdown...they included hats, horns, balloons, streamers and confetti. He was really worried about the mess. He should have just relaxed and enjoyed himself a little more. Everyone helped clean up after and it was easy too.

We turned on the TV and did the countdown. The kids had fun blowing their horns and making tons of noise. I tried to give Rich a New Years kiss but he was too worried about everything else that was going on to participate! Party Pooper!!
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Creed and Max tackled Rich when he was on his knees picking stuff up and attacked him with their horns. I think he might have enjoyed himself but not sure if he will be as anxious to offer our house again next year!!!
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I missed Alexa and Alex and all the yummy food my family eats on New Years but I know they all had a great time and I will see them tomorrow!!

I hope 2009 is full of happiness, health, a new job for Rich and lots of FUN MEMORIES!!!


Amy said...

take a chill pill rich, geez! it looks like a great party. happy new year!

Kellye said...

Poor Rich. At least he has you to balance things out. It is hard though with that many people there and so many small children not to be a little worried. I feel for you Rich. Thanks for letting us come and play with you guys. It was a great time and we had a lot of fun. Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you threw a Rockin' good party! I missed out on all the New Year's fun with family! Mmmm.....the food!