Friday, December 19, 2008

Hotel Stay

We got a room at the Little America (one of my favorite hotels in Salt Lake, I pricelined the room a few weeks ago and we ended up here...that never happens).

Once we got out of the snow and into the lobby some of us couldn't resist the beautiful glowing fireplace. Max thought the fire was pretty cool. I thought Rich might stay there all night.

We decided to go swimming for the rest of the night. The pool was really crowded when we first got there. I love the pool at Little America, half inside and half outside. Most of us were brave enough to go outside and swim in the snow. Alexa, Alex and Amy even did "polar bears" which it was WAY too cold for. The pool was heated but it could have been 10 to 15 degrees warmer. It was fun though to be outside swimming with snow covering your head.
Jason was brave enough to stand outside in bare feet and snap a few pictures...they are pretty foggy but you get the idea. It was really fun!

They need a hot tub outside too...we spent the rest of the night in there and it was HOT and crowded. Max was having fun being thrown around to people in the pool, he has never loved swimming that much until this time...he had alot of fun. I don't know what it is but anytime we are at a pool Alexa and Alex play so well together, I love watching them get along and having a great time with each other!!

After everyone got all showered and ready for bed Rich and Max decided it was time to wrestle. I swear sometimes I think they are both is fun to watch them play together. Max loves playing with Dad.
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Melissa said...

That was so fun swimming outside! Max was so fun in the pool. I love Little America!

Shannon said...

I LOVE the Little America. It's one of my favorites up in SLC. I'm glad you had fun at the hotel.

Kim and Tyler said...

This looks so fun! You guys ALWAYS do such fun stuff. Merry Chrismas