Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve...Oliver Style

Here is the party that Alexa and Alex attended. Most of my family got together at my Mom and dad's house except us and Melissa and Steve.
I LOVE the food we eat at New Years and that is pretty much the only time we have these yummy things. I made the dip but I missed the water chestnuts, fondue and most of all the DIVINITY. My Mom is the world's best divinity maker. She really is, some of my sisters have been getting lessons from her so someone besides her will be able to make it!!
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Looks like they all had a really great time. I can guarantee you that the mess at my Mom's house was bigger...she LOVES confetti and letting the kids do whatever they want and having a GREAT time!! I stole these photos off my sister Amy's blog. The new years TOAST is something I forgot about...good times!!

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