Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We didn't tell anyone that we were coming for Little Yule Often. We stopped at Melissa's work on our way into town and she said it was a "Little Yule Often Miracle!"
We went up to my Mom's and surprised Amy, Jason and Owen. Melanie called and said she was going to meet Dave and the kids at the mall to see Santa to we decided to surprise them at the mall.

Things didn't really go according to plan but the kids finally ALL got to sit on Santa's chair (he didn't let them sit on his lap but on the chair next to him). I made Alexa and she was really embarrassed. Max totally missed out on Santa this year...next year!!


stephanie said...

I found your blog through Kim and tyler's, and just wanted to say that you have a beautiful family!
I hope you don't mind strangers viewing your blog!
Happy New Year!

Janean said...

What a great surprise for your family!

Melissa said...

It was such a great surprise! I'm so glad you came, Little Yule Often just isn't the same without you guys!