Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Claus CAME!!!

When I was little my parents always put up sheets over the doorways with bells (so they could hear us if we tried to peek) so we wouldn't run into the living room and start looking at what Santa brought until we were all ready.
When I told the kids Santa was going to come to our house this year Alex was very sad that there would be no sheet to run through in the morning so I assured him that I would put up a sheet.
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Santa was very good to the kids this year. Alexa got clothes and some jewelry, Alex got a Littlest Pet Shop Panda and a skate board and some new shoes and Max got a Robot and Wall*e and the Wall*e DVD and a skateboard.

We got the kids each a big present. Alexa got a jewelry armoire (that I totally want and should have been selfish and kept for myself).

Alex finally got his k*nex roller coaster and ferris wheel (he had to wait til we got to Logan cause my best brother in law Jason put it together for him)!!

Max got a new bike. I was really surprised when he hopped on it and just started riding it (he never used the pedals on his trike just always pushed it around with his feet so I thought it would take some teaching but he took right off)!!

Here is Max with his presents, he really had a fun time opening them and then wanting everything out of the box so he could actually play with it. I was doing the video camera so Rich was in charge of the camera and he didn't take very many pictures.
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We got Alexa and Alex an ipod nano and they were really excited about it. They both got speakers too so they can listen to them in their rooms or wherever.

Rich surprised me with tickets to WICKED (I was really surprised but that is what I really wanted. They sold out within hours and he had several people calling trying to get them). He also got me the CD and a purse. I gave him clothes and new shoes, a huge box of peanuts and some cologne.
We had a great morning and now we are ready for round 2.


Melissa said...

What a great Christmas morning for your kids. I totally want Alexa's jewelry armoire.

Tiesha said...

Yeah, that will be so fun for you to see WICKED! What a thoughtful husband. :o)

Amy said...

I want that armoire too! and the Wicked tickets...I am totally doing Santa at your house next year. He brings awesome stuff to you guys.

Kim and Tyler said...

Tell your Santa to come to my house next year! Looks like you guy had a great Christmas! How did Rich score those tickets? That will be so fun.