Tuesday, December 23, 2008


One of my FAVORITE things about Christmas are these delicious little treats...eating them yes, but the best part is making them!!
There are lots of pictures of all the steps, they are made with potatoes along with other ingredients of course and there is a very special way to cut and shape them. Some people in my family refuse to help with the fry cakes...party poopers!

My Dad has the hardest job, he is the "roller" and the "cutter," my Mom likes them all to be the same size so he takes a lot of crap from us all but it is all in good fun. Me, Amy, Melissa, Alexa and Kenzie are the "flippers" we flip the bottom under and pull it through to make the twisty design. My Mom is the "fryer" and gets to cook them all. It is a lengthy process but loaded with tons of fun and great memories (including Elvis songs and dad talking about how bad his back hurts).

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Monica thought that if she put on this hat her hair wouldn't stink. She said it did the trick but we all think she is crazy. Brinlie and Owen sang us a few Christmas Carols and it was so cute. We had a great night!!


Janean said...

These were so yummy! I loved them. You need to go every year and bring back lots for us.

Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

Those look really good. You'll need to post the recipe!