Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Witches Night Out (YW style)

For our Young Women's activity we had a Witches Night Out Progressive Dinner. It was a great activity and everyone had a great time. We had ALOT of witches turn out for this event!!

Here is Me and Alexa before we left

These are some pictures of the girls and the leaders.

We had a yummy salad at the first house and heard a story (can't remember the name) about 2 witches that had a great moral that whatever you do good or bad will come back to you!!
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I didn't take pictures at the other houses but we moved on and had soup and the best rolls, they were SO DELICIOUS!! The soup was also really really good, not usually a fan of soup in general or tomatoes for that matter but this tomato basil soup was scrumptious!!
Then we went to our last stop and had a little "lesson" using the first Harry Potter movie. We watched the clip of when they are doing the sorting hat and it was related to how we were each placed in our own families for a specific reason. It was a really good thought.
Then we enjoyed some delicious treats that we dipped in warm melted chocolate!! It was a really great night and I hope we do it again next year!!


Melissa said...

That sounds like a really fun activity. I'm sure the girls all loved it! You and Alexa are really cute!

Kim and Tyler said...

I'm so glad you are in y/w with me its been fun getting to know you! You bring so much to the girls! Last night was fun!

Joseph and McKell Cope said...

That sounds so fun! You guys look adorable in your witch costumes. Hopefully this made up for the Halloween "cruise". Ha ha!

Tiesha said...

I love your costumes! I thought you were in Primary? I bet the YW just love you as a leader you would be way fun!!