Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My MOM's Birthday

Well my Mom is 55 years old today. We celebrated her Birthday over the weekend but I wanted to share a few things about my mom and things that I have learned from her. I love her so much!
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1. she is selfless
2. loving
3. has taught me the true meaning of the word 'service'
4. funny
5. very thrifty
6. she keeps everything
7. hates confrontation
8. loves nightime, total night owl
9. she is a great friend
10. thinks education is very important
11. never worries about herself
12. loves her mom and dad very very much
13. hard worker
14. was always home when we were little
15. shared with me her love for diet coke
16. she doesn't take care of herself like she should
17. is always up for a roadtrip (even if it's only overnight)
18. she is SO supportive of her kids and grandkids, never misses important events
19. loves scenic things
20. had a full size cardboard cutout of lionel richie that she kept in the living room and we all danced with him alot!!
21. loves the church
22. is not very healthy
23. loves wayne newton
24. is a soft touch with my sister amberly
25. encouraged us to develop our talents
26. is a great listener
27. loves hairy chests (see 23...gross mom)
28. loves a good book
29. does she ever sleep??
30. is so faithful and hardworking in her church callings
31. cares about people's feelings
32. saves everything
33. loves robert redford
34. makes delicious chili
35. is very creative
36. never swims but loves bear lake
37. she really want to go to mt. rushmore
38. is very good at not answering questions
39. loves a good deal (this has become my downfall)
40. she is very smart
41. i don't think she has ever been in a wreck or even had a ticket
42. is a pretty scary dirver (go figure)
43. loves bubble baths
44. spoils her grandkids
45. taught me how to crochet
46. is an incredible cook
47. is always willing to watch our kids so we can do things together
48. she lost her mom at a very young age and had to grow up too fast
49. looks way younger than 55
50. goes to all the grocery stores in town to get the best deals
51. sells perfume in paris on the weekends (at least thats what my oldest sister melanie would have us believe)
52. very spiritual
53. has 6 daughters
54. is a wonderful, caring sister
55. she is the best...no one could ask for a better example, i am so lucky and am so happy that my kids will get to learn so much from their grandma...i love you too much!! happy birthday mom.


Melissa said...

#20 and #51 made me laugh hard! So very true!

Jen B. said...

I always love reading you blog that is so special to do for your mom. She sounds amazing....no wonder you are so great!!