Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

We ate dinner at Arby's (minus Alexa) and then we went out Trick-or-Treating. Max didn't take a nap and he fell asleep on the way home from dinner. He was pretty grumpy and wasn't really that excited about the whole trick-or-treat thing. After every house he would face plant in the grass and have a fit. It got to the point where it was pretty much me or Rich doing it for him and so we called it quits after only a few houses. We came home and watched Nightmare Before Christmas. I was sort of bugged with Max because it was such a GREAT night, it was perfect Halloween weather.

Alex went with his friend Colton, they were gone for about an hour or so and then he came home and fell asleep. He wasn't feeling that great (neither was I for that matter). He handed out candy for a while before he fell asleep.

Alexa went with her friends and they were gone all night. They had fun and went to her friend Maddy's house after until about 11:30pm.

It was a great month and I always get excited to see what everyone dresses up as. Alex makes Halloween a great holiday for our family!!

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