Friday, October 3, 2008

3rd Annual Overnighter

For my Moms Birthday we started a tradition where we (her 6 daughters) take her to dinner and then we stay overnight at Sherwood Hills (in Sardine canyon). It has been the greatest. We have SO much fun. If you are ever up in Northern Utah and you love meat, you should check out Maddox, it the best!! We had the most amazing peach cream pie for dessert.

Maddox Ranch House

After dinner we usually head to the Brigham City Walmart. We always spend WAY too long in there and I am surprised we didn't get kicked out this year. I saw these Batman masks and so we all put them on and went to find our mom who had wandered off. We got some pretty great looks as we were walking down the isles calling out our Mom's name. She was pretty embarrased.

Here is our's not the best motel but it's nice beacause there is a little room with bunk beds so everyone but Amb gets a bed and we all can be in the same room. We watched "Don't tell Mom the babysistters dead" on TV and went to sleep pretty late...well most of us did, Mel and Amb and Monica just tucked themselves right in with out even saying goodnight.

For breakfast we had Pumpkin Spice donuts from Krispy Kreme...YUMMY, they are my favorite. We ate and got ready and of course the weather sucked (it has rained or snowed every weekend we have done this). It was pouring rain.

Then we headed back to Brigham and went to see the movie "Nights in Rodanthe" it was great and most of us cried our eyes out. I read the book a long time ago and knew it would be sad but I couldn't really remember the story that well. It was a great chick flick!! After the movie we went back to Logan and hung out!! It was a great overnighter and I am already excited for next year!!


Melissa said...

That sure is a fun tradition we have!

Shannon said...

If it's okay, would you ask your mom to adopt me. You girls are always doing something fun.

Kellye said...

That sounds like alot of fun. My family would never do something like that. You are lucky.

Jen B. said...

What a fun family....I think I might be your long lost sister?!?!?

Tandy said...

where on earth did you all get dark hair and your mother is so fair. Your dad must have dark hair. Looks like a fun weekend!