Saturday, October 25, 2008

Caramel Apples

We met at Carrie's house to make some caramel apples. She is such a great chef and always knows the "proper" ways to do things. There were TONS of kids there and it was a little crazy but we all had a really good time.
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I have never made caramel apples before and was really excited to try it. We had some delicious toppings to make them extra yummy. We ate them after church the next day and they were scrumptious!! Thanks Carrie for having us over (and cleaning up the whole mess!!)


Melissa said...


Jen B. said...

Those look so good!! I need to be better at doing fun things with my kids :( I suck!

Tiesha said...

Yummm! I swear, you guys do the funnest things! My goal is to be more like you!