Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Cruise

For Young Women's tonight we went to Provo to go on a haunted boat ride...well let me just say that it was definitely NOT haunted and it was barely even a ride.
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It was pretty pathetic and I feel bad cause I was laughing like the whole time...I couldn't help it. This guy, our "Captain" guided the boat with an overhead rope through the river. There were lights and jack-o-lanterns but that was about it. We did have a "pirate" with a weird pirate voice come aboard and he told some jokes (that were SO BAD) it was pretty embarrassing.
Well the girls were good sports and now we know what NOT to do next year!!


Shannon said...

Funny! That same boat ride turns into a magical Christmas cruise in December. Also pathetic.

Lacie said...

That is so funny I also went on the pathetic Chritmas Cruise:)