Friday, October 17, 2008

Sad News for Alexa

MILLS JUNCTION, Juab County — A Spanish Fork teenager was killed in a rollover crash on I-15 Wednesday.
Calvin Hansen, 13, died after being ejected from the car about 8:30 p.m., the Utah Highway Patrol said.

Hansen was not wearing a seat belt in the backseat of a southbound car, officers said. The driver lost control of the vehicle and swerved off the road. When the driver tried to correct, the vehicle rolled several times.

Three other people inside the car were taken to Central Valley Medical Center. The extent of their injuries was not immediately available. A family dog was also killed in the crash.

Calvin was in 8th grade and Alexa had just met him through her friend this summer. They were not extremely close but she was pretty shaken by the news. It is so hard to understand why tragedies like this happen to such good people. I am so grateful that I know about and can help Alexa understand the plan of salvation. I know that we will all be reunited again one day and that is very comforting. I had a friend die when I was around her age and I know how hard it is to understand, she is doing well and is sad but she knows that it isn't the end.


Shannon said...

That is so sad. I girl died when I was in Junior High, too and it was so sad and shook me up pretty badly. But just like I said in my post about my grandma, I'm so glad that this isn't the end and we can see people who have passed on again. It makes it a little more comforting. I'm so sorry Alexa, I know it's hard.

Melissa said...

That is terrible. Last time Alexa slept at our house, she was emailing him. It makes you realize how precious life really is. I'm glad Alexa is doing well with it.