Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Gowon's

A few weeks ago Alexa and Alex's dad Sule came down to Spanish Fork with his wife and daughter Tayana and his brother Isaac and his son Isaiah to take some pictures. His Mom and dad and all his family in Nigeria really wanted him to send them some photos. They went up to Canyon View Park and had a photo shoot.
Alexa is the oldest Grandchild in all 3 of her families. She is such a great example for all the kids.
Here are all 4 Gowon Grandchildren...Alexa, Alex, Tayana, and Isaiah.

Here are some individual shots (I didn't get one of Isaiah)

Alexa loves having a little sister, they aren't very close in age but as they get older it won't matter. My oldest sister is 12 yrs older than my youngest sister and they get along great...we all do!!

Alex is a really good big brother to Max and Tayana. He will make sure that no one messes with his baby sister!!
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Here is Isaac (Ishaku) with his only son, Isaiah. He is a great Dad and uncle.

Here are Sule and Isaac...they are the only two kids in their family and they are lucky to have each other, with their parents in another country they take care of each other.
Here are Alex and Isaiah taking care of precious!!

After the pictures at the park they came back to our house and the kids got down to business. They all ganged up on Alex (which he for sure deserved)!! They had fun playing for a while.

We tried to get a family picture too but it just didn't work out that is the best we could do!!


Shannon said...

My little sistah and I are 11 years apart and we are the best of friends. Age doesn't matter. Way cute pics by the way.

Melissa said...

Those are really cute pictures! Oh Sule and Shak!