Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We are a little late this year with the Pumpkin Carving. I have had the pumpkins on the porch for weeks but we have been pretty busy. I PROMISED Alex that we would do it today FOR SURE!! When I found out I was going to the Jazz game I knew that I HAD to find time to get these buggers carved.
It was a great day so I thought it would be best to do it outside then that would make the clean up really easy, since I didn't have much time.
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Max would not touch the "guts" and was not really understanding what we were doing sticking our hands inside these things and pulling out seeds and orange sticky stringy things. He kept saying "that's a mess mom."

Alexa was trying to get out of carving her pumpkin but me and Alex convinced her to come join in the gross mess. It was great doing it outside, we never have but if the weather is this good next year we will have to try it again!!

Alex had a hard time deciding what kind of face to make on his. He had a set of triangle eyes but then changed his mind a few times and just kept cutting away. He didn't want any help from me.

Alexa just started cutting...don't know if she really had a plan or not. She was fast and it turned out cute.

When I was done with Max's face he was really excited. I think he realized what was going on at that point and was really proud of his pumpkin. I just did the traditional face since I am NOT artistic and not that creative either. Rich wasn't home so he missed out on all the fun but he did cook the seeds later, which is his favorite part anyway!!

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Melissa said...

Cute pumpkins! I love cooking the pumpkin seeds!