Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Laid OFF

I got a phone call from Rich on his cell phone this morning about 10am, I thought it was weird cause he never calls me on his cell phone during the day. I asked him what was up and he said he was on his way home. He got "let go" from his job at Tahitian Noni. I didn't know what to say...he knew that they were doing lay-offs but didn't think he would be effected.
He is not too worried about finding another job and thinks this will be a great opportunity for him. I know what a hard worker he is and any company would be lucky to have him as an employee. He has a degree in Business and Marketing and has experience as a buyer/planner. If you know of any opportunities for him please let us know.


The Gordon's said...

i will keep my eyes peeled. Gordo

Shannon said...

That sucks! I was devastated when I found out Rich got laid off. I am so sorry and Jeff feels horrible. But Rich is a smart/good guy and I'm sure he will come out of this better. We'll keep our ears open and let you know if we hear anything. My mom works for Cenral Utah Clinic and I already told her to keep her ears open for any jobs for Rich.

Tandy said...

I know that Chris just told his brother about an opening at Zions for a VP of Marketing. Tell Rich to call him if he wants the details.