Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Party

We headed downstairs for the got pretty HOT upstairs with all those bodies!! Here is a little video clip of us singing happy birthday to Alexa...not a very musically talented family, but we try!!

Alexa got a TON of great gifts. She got clothes, a new coat (that is her favortie)CD's, DVD's, books, a lamp for her room, decorations for her room and so on and so on...
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Here are some shots of the party...Tayana (her little sis) was such a great helper with opening the presents...she was so funny she would just start opening them one after the other.
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Poor Annette was the target for the little boys with the nerf guns...for some reason they all ganged up on her and were chasing her around the house shooting her with the darts. She missed most the party but I think she was having fun (maybe not)!!

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