Thursday, October 16, 2008


Alex and I took Harrison and Parker to Lagoon today. School was out for Fall Break and the weather was perfect. We got there shortly after they opened at 11am and the lines were pretty short. We went on all the rides we wanted to.
They have Frightmares in October and so they were all decorated for was pretty festive.
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There is this ride called "Cliffhanger" that no one in our family has ever gone on because you get soaking wet. Well since the weather is cooler they turned the water off. Alex LOVED this ride. At first Parker wouldn't go on it, he thought it looked too scary but eventually he changed his mind and loved it too! The boys wanted to go on "Rattle Snake Rapids" cause in the summer the lines for the water rides are always SO LONG. They had fun and didn't get drenched so that was good (the pictures of their backsides are supposed to show their wet pants, I am not a pervert)!!
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We had a great day. We ate our lunch and then went on more and more rides. They also have a few haunted houses set up for Frightmares but the lines were huge for them and Alex wouldn't go in them anyway...he was pretty scared.
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Harrison and Parker had to leave early to go to Idaho with their family but I think they had a great time. We took a few pictures with some of the people that were dressed up. I didn't get a picture of the "chainsaw guy" but he was awesome and scared the crap out of Alex.

Anytime we were not in line for a ride and walking around the park Alex would squeeze my waist so tight I almost couldn't breathe. He didn't want anyone jumping out and scaring him. He put his hood on too so he wouldn't have to look at anything scary. It's so funny because he LOVES Halloween more than anyone but is just really scared of haunted houses.

After the boys left me and Alex ate dinner and watched the show. We went on a few more rides and then it was closing time. We got our treats for the way home and took off at 11pm. Long day but really great!


Shannon said...

Alex looks really scared, or sick, in that last picture. I'm glad you guys had a good time. I think this would be the best time to go to Lagoon, or any amuzement park, because it's not so stinkin' hot.

Tandy said...

Oh Alex looks so cute in that picture, I just want to kiss him!