Monday, May 18, 2009

Yard Work

A few weeks ago we had curbing put in around the house and the tree and the 2 ugly spots where all the green boxes are. Rich got the first load of sod hauled off and put in some bark last weekend but we still had about half left and it was looking really ugly.
Rich brought home the truck and we decided to make it a family home evening of yard work.
The kids were TOTALLY EXCITED about this...of course they weren't but that is to be expected. My kids have it WAY too easy, so this was a perfect way to get them involved in helping out.
We picked up piles and piles of sod and put it in a wheelbarrow and then dumped it in the back of the truck. We found tons of creepy crawlies and that made the project even more FUN!!!
It was actually alot of work and we were all pretty sweaty and dirty. We finally got it all in the truck though and it was great to have the kids help out.

Rich had to move all the equipment out of the truck to get the wheelbarrow up and so as he was getting ready to load it back in the kids asked if they could drive the riding lawn mower.
You can see on their faces how much fun they had. Alex was having a blast and giggling and screaming. It was a great way to end the night of yard work. We were going to get ice cream after but it ended up taking us way longer than we thought and by the time the kids all got in the bath and cleaned up it was way past bedtime!!!

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Melissa said...

Good work! Alexa looks so thrilled in the second and third picture. At least they got to have a little fun on the riding lawn mower.