Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday BBQ with the Gowon's

After church Sule, Kalysa, Tayana, Isaac, Casey, and Isaiah came to Spanish Fork for a birthday lunch. We went to the park and had a little BBQ. Sule brought all the hamburgers and hot dogs etc and I made a pasta salad and some broccoli salad.
It is nice to have a park so close to the house, we have used it so many times for get togethers because it is fun for the kids to be able to play and there is more room and less clean-up.
Here is Alex opening his gift from his Dad and Kalysa. He got a DS game and some other stuff.
Here is Alex with his little sister Tayana. She is almost 3 and he loves her so much!
Here is Alex with his Dad.
Max was having a great time hanging out with Isaac. They got along great.
We went back to the house for cake and ice cream. Alex didn't get to blow any candles out on his real birthday so here he is...he got them all so I hope his wish will come true!!!
Here is Isaac posing with his son Isaiah and Tayana. He snuck into almost every picture I took.
We had a great afternoon and I am so glad that we all live pretty close so that we can get together.

Later that evening we went to Rich's parents house and celebrated again. We had brownies and Otter Pops. They were a HUGE hit!!!


Melissa said...

Leave it to Shaq to get in every picture! That picture of Alex and Sule is cute!

Amy said...

the picture of max and isaac threw me off...because i was thinking Isaac wash shak's son and he was not in the picture! Oh Uncle Shak..he bugs!