Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Today was the big day...graduation from preschool! Since Norma was watching Max anyway he went to her preschool class and he has learned so much. He can count to 10 in Spanish...yes he is only 2. He knows colors and the letters in his name. Lots of his cousins are in preschool too so that makes it really fun for him.
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When I got there Max was really excited that I was there and he was being such a good boy sitting on his chair and saying the pledge allegiance. It is SO adorable to hear little kids saying all those big words.

Norma had each kid participate in the program by either telling a story or singing a song.
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When it was Max's turn he wouldn't do it. He just sat there when she told him to come and help her.
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Not only that, he wouldn't stay in his chair either and he had some pretty mean faces for everyone!! My proudest moment!!!

He did cheer up when it was over and he put on his hat...he thought that was pretty awesome!!

Here is Max with Grandma, I mean teacher Cope. She is so great with the kids and we are really lucky that she has so much patience. She is a great teacher!

Carrie made these cute graduation hat cupcakes, she is so talented. They turned out really cute and the kids loved them!

After the program she served a light lunch and the kids went outside to eat and play. Max still gets to go to her house everyday (until schools out, then he will stay home with Alexa and Alex) but it was so fun to go to the graduation party!!

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