Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alex's Birthday

Alex is 9 today!! I bought him his favorite donuts (maple bars from Dunford donuts)for breakfast and also to take for his birthday treat to school!!
After school I picked up the kids and we headed to Hawaiian Shaved Ice.
Since it is a special day, I let Alex get a LARGE because that is what he wanted!! It was HUGE and he almost finished it all. He had baseball practice so I dropped him off at the park and went and ran some last minute errands.

He picked Los Hermanos for his birthday dinner, he loves the cheese enchilada there. Monica and Amberly met us there.
Here we are eating, Alexa took the picture for us and Rich was working so he didn't make it to dinner.
My Mom surprised Alex and came too!! He didn't know she was coming and he was really excited that she came. My mom knows how much Alex loves his birthday and she is so great to come and make him feel special!
They sang Happy Birthday to Alex and gave him some fried ice cream. It was a good time!!

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The Shirley Family said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Wow, I can't believe he is 9. It looks like he had a great birthday. Oh by the way, where is Alexa dancing? If we can we would love to make it.